Take a testdrive!

We've made the demo for anyone who wants to test our product to the max. You can edit* the website (style/headings/titles/create your own homepage), import feeds, manage products and many more things.

* Please note that someone may have been editing the demo area before you. The demo gets reset every 24h and you can find original screenshots here.

Frontend: The affiliate website you've been waiting for

The frontend of our tool is made for affiliate sites who depend on high converting affiliate feeds. This website is made by a professional designer in combination with the knowledge of a seasoned affiliate marketeer.

Click through the frontend demo ┬╗

Backend: Manage affiliate feeds without a headache

We know firsthand how frustrating it can be to manage your affiliate feeds. Thanks to our tool we can offer you a solid environment to control everything about your affiliate feeds. Upload it once and you're done.

Give me the login for the admin panel
Login alert!

Hey there I'm Floris, the notification master. You clicked on the demo backend link, and that triggered me to give you the secret password and login:

Login: demo@affiliatefeeds.com
Password: HatlessAdmin

Visit the backend demo ┬╗

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