Implementing the Affilinet feed

Step by step, nice and easy.

Step 1

Login on and with your publisher account.

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Step 2

Go to ‘Solutions' > ‘Product data' and click on ‘Feed Configurator'.

Go to the feed configurator↗


Step 3

Select ‘XML' as the output format and uncheck the ‘Yes (zipped file)' feature. Select one merchant and click on ‘Generate feed URLs'. Copy the URL and continue to the next step.

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feed configurator

Step 4

Go to the admin panel, go to feeds and create a new feed.

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Step 5

Fill in your feed name, feed label, URL, select your website, upload the logo, select the unique node depth and save.

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Step 6

Apply feed filters (optional). This helps you to eliminate the products you don't need and will decrease the load on the server and speed up the import process.

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Step 7

Apply category filters so specific products end op in the right category.

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Step 8

Map your feed. Search in the text file for the proper labels and connect them to the right value in the mapper. Now hit save and import!

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